spring rolls

5 Mar

Christine Chin (Big Christine) came over the other week and we made spring rolls. I don’t remember what the occasion was, but we just really wanted to fry up some crispy veggie spring rolls.

Spring is on its way Rolls


For Filling:

4 carrots
1 large stalk celery
4 eggs
1 egg, separated into white and yolk

For Dipping Sauce:

2 cloves garlic
Soy Sauce
1 green onion, chopped

Julienne or dice the carrots and celery. If possible, use a slicer to cut them into long thin strips. In a wok, heat oil until it starts to sizzle, then quickly stir fry the carrots and celery, adding salt and pepper to taste. Remove them from the heat when carrots are starting to get tender.

Scramble 4 eggs and the extra egg yolk, and make into a flat omelette. Remove from heat and slice the egg into strips.

To wrap the spring rolls, place a small bunch of the carrots and celery in the middle of a wrap. Top with a few strips of egg. Take two opposite corners and fold them toward each other so the tips overlap a little bit. Then, fold the wrap in half by bringing the other two corners together. From there, roll the middle toward the corners until you have a nice spring roll.

Hand model: Christine Chin

Take egg white and dab it on the edge of the wrapper so that it sticks together. For thicker and crunchier rolls, use two wraps for each roll.

When you’ve filled up a tray of spring rolls, heat up oil in a wok until it starts to smoke. There should be enough oil to cover a bit more than half of the spring roll. Fry the rolls for about a minute until the skin begins to crisp, then turn them and fry the other side. When both sides are crispy but not burnt, take the spring rolls out of the oil and let the excess oil drain over a paper towel.

Mix together the sauce by adding chopped garlic and green onion to a cup of soy sauce. add a tablespoon of gochujang for spiciness, and some sugar to taste.

Hand model: Anye Li

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