Candied Carrots

8 Oct

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My mother has this family dessert recipe that’s as much performance as taste. It’s called ba si hong shu, or basically candy stringed yams. It involves cutting sweet potato into small cubes, then cooking them in molten sugar and serving it hot. When you pick off pieces with the chopsticks, the sugar, which is still melted, pulls away in long strands which then harden into hairwidth strings. Of course it’s still hot so you dip it in cold water then eat as a dessert.

Well i don’t have yams and i don’t have the skill but i did have some carrots which were quite boring when simply steamed. So i took some carrots and cooked them in sugar until they were a better dessert than a side dish. No candy strings attached, though.

Sliced Candied Carrots


two thick carrots
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups water

Peel carrots and cut off the ends. Cut at a diagonal into 1/4 inch slices. Bring two cups of water to a boil, then boil/steam the carrots until they are tender but still slightly crunchy. Drain the carrots.

Heat oil in a wok or pan. When the oil is hot, toss the carrots in and stir fry until they are dark on both sides. There should be a nice layer of caramelization.

Toss on sugar, and on high heat keep cooking the carrots while the sugar melts. Continuously stir fry until sugar coats everything and has become one with the carrots. Let cool a bit before serving.

Time procrastinated:
20 minutes
Ways to prolong procrastination: add more sugar, cut into cubes, and serve as ba si luo buo.

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