Experimental Haymarket Cooking

11 Oct

I had an early afternoon on Friday so I made a trip to Haymarket, where all the usual veggies were being sold…then, I saw broccoli rabe, and fennel. Now i’ve never been really good at cooking something other than potatoes, onions, and pepper (classic stir fry ingredients) but I’ve been kind of trying new things. And my roommate always cooks veggies by adding black bean sauce and chili sauce, from cans of chinese flavorings, and it always turns out amazing. So for an easy dollar each I was on my way home with two new horizons of cooking (as well other large bounty).

Well today I just tried the broccoli rabe, also called rapini, which is basically a veggie staple at nearby dimsum establishments. My secret ingredient? My roommate’s chili and black bean sauce.

Broccoli Rabe with Black bean and chili sauce


1 bundle of broccoli rabe
1 spoonful of black bean sauce
1 spoonful of chili sauce

Wash the broccoli rabe and strain. You may remove the tougher stems but I cooked everything.

Bring a large pot filled with a small amount of water to boil. Like most leafy vegetables, broccoli rabe will take up a lot of space but shrink alot, so a lot of water is not needed. Toss the broccoli rabe in and steam for two minutes.

While the veggies are steaming, heat up 1/2 oil in a wok or large pan. Add in black bean sauce and chili sauce and fry the sauces. When the steaming is done, quickly strain the broccoli rabe, and toss into the hot oil.

Stir fry briefly, mainly to coat the veggies with the sauce. Do not overcook, or the broccoli rabe will become a rotten shade of green, and will become chewy instead of crisp. Serve with a drizzle of oyster sauce or vegetarian mushroom sauce.

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