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Spinach Cheese Bread (and its Associated Sandwich)

13 Jan

(Apologies for the funky lighting in these pictures…they were taken with my phone.)

One of my roommates brought a bread machine back with her from winter break, and for the past week, our house has smelled like bakeries in the wee morning hours. There are few things that tickle your olfactory bulb the way freshly-made bread does, especially if (like me) you are perfectly capable of living on carbohydrates exclusively for the rest of my life.

We made this spinach cheese bread last night and I’ve been making awesome sandwiches with it. It’s not particularly pretty, but damn is it tasty. Not quite sure why it sunk down so much in the middle (never used a bread machine before), but I think it looks like rabbit ears. :)

I’ve also recently discovered a white bean and pesto hummus from Trader Joe’s. That plus spinach, pepper jack cheese, and slices of Tofurky make for an awesome lunch. This sad little picture was the only one I got before I scarfed it down.

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