Making Yogurt: a Preview

3 Feb

As you know, we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with CSN Stores several times recently to bring a little depth to this food blog, and to bring a little of this food blog to you. Even though our focus is on cooking, and in doing so, procrastinating from your homework, CSN can provide you with both the cookware to make your food, and the laptop messenger bag to carry your work around in case you do decide to finish that pset.

This time, I’m going to work a bit in depth with the CSN Stores products and do a review. After long consideration I’ve decided that I’d try to improve on my homemade yogurt, which had worked fairly well before (see Homemade yogurt and granola). Things have gotten a bit more lazy recently and I haven’t even eaten the last batch of yogurt that I made, which regrettably might have become cottage cheese by now. So I’m going to get the Tribest YL-210 Yogurt Maker which has a large amount of decent reviews. So I think this is the perfect way to do a review of CSN’s wide range of products, and to keep procrastinating from that work!

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