Connie’s Cake

18 Apr

My roommate Connie’s birthday was a few weeks ago, so my other roommate Victoria and I decided to make her an ice cream cake. We used the same recipe that I used to make Bobby’s last summer, but swapped out the vanilla cake for red velvet and the Neapolitan ice cream for strawberry. Also, Victoria is much more skilled than I am at slicing strawberries, so they actually looked like little hearts.

This cake was baked, cooled, assembled, and frosted in the two hours that Connie was out rock climbing. We had another friend try to stall her for as long as possible and actually managed to hide the cake in the freezer before she came back. Of course the first thing she did upon returning home was open the freezer door (at which time I slammed it closed and insisted that there is nothing of interest in there). Just in case the sudden appearance of a bajillion dishes drying in the dishwasher didn’t give it away.

Photo credit goes to Connie because I fail at taking pictures of anything. And at hiding cakes.

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