Vacationer’s guide to tacos in Cabo

22 Jun
Bobby’s guide to tacos in Cabo
* with a very limited exposure to hole in the wall places not on Yelp
1.Las Sirenas, Sheraton Resort
3 fish tacos for ~300 pesos. On the expensive side, but it pays for convenience. If, on the first day you arrive and all you want is a taco and a margarita, this is the place. It comes with a rich tangy creamy sauce and slaw. The drinks are either 2 for 1 or free if you have a hotel drink ticket. Enough to tide you over until you get a car.
2. Gardenias, Cabo San Lucas
Open late, cheap tacos (28-35 pesos each) and a huge variety of toppings. It’s next to a liquor and beer store so it’s easy to get a 12 pack to go. The toppings include all kinds of chilies, a guac sauce, pickled and regular onions. I may have gotten mild food poisoning each time I’ve been there, or I may have just overeaten by a lot. I have tried and approve of the fried fish, grilled fish, fried shrimp, grilled shrimp, pork rind, bbq pork, and bbq beef tacos. Also has grilled cactus tacos or quesadillas.
3. Burrito Surf Shop, Cabo San Lucas
Still not a hole in the wall but it’s much more remote and located in a more residential area. When you hear “burritos” you lose a little credibility; almost more like a San Diego shop with its surf board decor. The fish tacos were grilled well and the veggie burrito bowl was bomb. (89 for 2 tacos, 110 for a bowl)
4. Taco Guss, Cabo San Lucas
After burrito surf shop we were on our way home but stopped by here because of the great reviews and great smells. It was long the main tourist street so potentially not super authentic. But I got a pastor taco to go, and it came with 5 baggies of sauces. So for 25 pesos I got a great corn tortilla pastor taco, and a lingering question: why didn’t I buy more?

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