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from late night to early morning

30 Apr

Here’s something to whip up in a really short amount of time for a lot of deliciousness. Last night my neighbors were cooking something that made me really want french toast, so I made a batch of my mom’s best french toast. It makes a really good midnight meal (with cold milk), and it also makes a really good breakfast. For 15 minutes, you get a snack before bed and toast and eggs the next day.


Mrs. Ren’s French Toast
From my mom’s kitchen too =)

  • 4 slices of white bread*
  • 3 eggs
  • honey

Even though i used wheat, white bread works better because the honey stands out more.

Beat three eggs in a relatively wide bowl, like a soup plate. Drizzle honey to cover one side of each slice of bread. Put the slice of bread, honey side down, into the egg. Drizzle honey to cover the other side of the bread, then flip it over to coat the other side in egg.

Heat a nonstick frying pan on high heat. Put the egg-coated bread onto the pan, then turn the heat down to medium. After about a minute, gently loosen the toast from the pan, and flip it to cook the other side. After another minute, the toast should be cooked and lightly browned. If the egg is still soggy in the middle of the toast, keep on heat until it cooks.

If there’s leftover egg coating, you can turn that into scrambled eggs, but be warned: it’ll be sweet.

Length of procrastination: 15 minutes

Snowy day breakfast

2 Mar

This entry is not really a recipe but just a note about how to make a bad snow day into a good breakfast. I biked through three inches of snowcover in the middle of the road this morning to find that the shuttle to work had already left. I was 1 minute late. You’d think that on a snowy day the shuttle would be late rather than early. But when I made the trek back, i decided to have granola and soy milk and a hard boiled egg for breakfast at home. The granola was from Next Dining, and at $1.60 for about a pound(? maybe 3/4 lb) it’s a really good deal. The soymilk was from a Starmarket but still good nonetheless.

Here is how to make a hard boiled egg, in case you didn’t know. Really, it’s simple, except I couldn’t figure out whether the eggs were ready or not, so use this as a quick guideline.

From GoodEgg.com:

1. Place eggs in a saucepan with enough COLD tap water to cover completely by 1 inch. Bring to a ROLLING boil over HIGH heat. Once the water is brought to a rolling boil, PROMPTLY reduce heat to a lower medium boil and cook an additional 10 minutes for a “hard boiled” egg. For a “soft boiled” egg reduce the time by a few minutes.

2. Remove from heat and IMMEDIATELY place eggs under ice cold water or in a bowl of ICED water to chill promptly to help yolks stay bright yellow. Chill for a few minutes in the cold water until the egg is completely cooled. This is an extremely important step which prevents the greenish “ring” from forming on the surface of the yolk over time. If the egg is not chilled immediately after cooking an unsightly dark greenish ring will eventually appear on the outside of the yolk.

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