Soy milk: Vitamix vs Soy n Joy

12 Mar


My mother visited and brought two huge bags of soy beans because I told her I like soymilk. I wanted the soy beans because I have a soymilk maker, a Soy n Joy, so I can make my own out of dry beans any time I want, and it is super easy. The convenience of the Soy n Joy is that you can put dry beans into the bean holder, add cold water straight from the sink, and just let it run, and in about 15 minutes you’ll get hot soymilk.

Christine wanted to do a comparison between the Soy n Joy and our Vitamix, which is also able to make soymilk, almond milk, and various butters out of any nut, bean or legume you could imagine. So last night, I soaked a bunch of soybeans, and this morning they were all expanded and some had slightly sprouted. I ended up with about two cups of soybeans.

After boiling the beans, I split them about half ways into the Vitamix and the Soy n Joy.


The Vitamix only blends the beans and water, so they need to be cooked beforehand.


The Soy n Joy usually takes dry beans, blends and heats them together, so it’s more of an authentic soymilk making process. This time, I used the soaked, cooked beans in the Soy n Joy to see if it made the end result better.


The results:

The Vitamix blend is on the left. It definitely came out thicker and more flavorful. The Soy n Joy soy water came out on the right, and this is an atypically bad end result. I think that because I put in soaked beans but didn’t fill up the container, there was half the soybean content that normally goes into the Soy n Joy, and the minimum water level was still 4.2 cups (vs 3 cups for the Vitamix recipe.) The Vitamix soymilk was also thicker because all the ground soybeans are still in the soup, which makes it tasty but also gritty. The Vitamix beans were also not cooked as much; it’s more like a soybean smoothie rather than soymilk. A second trial is needed with the same amount of beans but dry in the Soy n Joy.


Soymilk with the Vitamix

1 cup presoaked soybeans (soak 6-8 hours overnight)

3 cups cold water

Soak soy beans overnight, then take 1 cup of the expanded soybeans and boil them for about 5 minutes on the stove. Drain the original water, and add 3 cups of fresh water along with the beans to the Vitamix. Start at low variable speed, slowly increase to the max variable speed, then change the setting to High speed and blend for about a minute.

Soymilk with the Soy n Joy

~1/2 cup dry beans

1000 ml cold water

Put the beans in the bean holder. Add water up to the bottom line of the water container. Start the machine. Enjoy.

Total time of procrastination: 20 minutes

Ways to prolong procrastination: Eat it with youtial. We have an air fryer, and will do a later post about it.

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